Center for Teacher Education was established in the 1995 academic year to educate secondary school (junior high school and high school) teachers. The Center offers courses to undergraduates or graduates who desire to work as secondary school teachers. About 75% of these pre-service teachers were hired as school teachers now.

Center for Teacher Education provides a two year secondary school education program for students to take. Students must take 26 graduate credits and 6 months of secondary school practicum to complete the preservice teacher training program. After that, students must take and pass the qualification exam to get the teacher license. The characteristics of program curriculum are shown as follows.

  • Holistic education in practices
To educate future secondary school teachers withadequate knowledge and character, holistic education beliefs, and passion for teaching.
  • Professional development of teachers
To encourage teachers to self-reflect and continue the advancement of their professional abilities in the pursuit of life-long learning and growth.
  • Current major issues of education
To hold “Seminars of Current Education Issues,” in which scholars and practicing educators are invited to enlighten students in up-to-date education issues. Students can interact and participate in the discussion and have deeper understanding in the trends of educational revolution and know how to cope with it.
  • The improvement of pedagogical skills
Teaching method and internship classes are videotaped. Feedback is given for immediate self-correction. Moreover, visits to schools out of town and seminars are arranged for the improvement of students actual teaching skills.
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