Department Highlights

Based on the development of our school′s characteristics and the concept of whole-person education, we cultivate excellent teachers through the strong professional foundation of each department. In response to curriculum innovation and educational reform, we integrate our resources and technological expertise to develop secondary school teachers in the areas of mathematics, nature and life technology, language, and information education.

The program emphasizes cognitive science in curriculum planning and applies contemporary cognitive psychology’s understanding and analysis of teaching and learning processes to the teaching process in order to enhance teaching effectiveness.

The courses “Contemporary Issues in Education” and “Current Educational Policies” are arranged to stimulate students to participate in discussions on current educational issues and to understand the trends and attitudes towards educational reform by inviting relevant professional scholars and practitioners to conduct lectures.

1. “Teaching Methods for Subspecialty” emphasizes video feedback: emphasis is placed on the development of students’ practical teaching skills, and students are given the opportunity to give feedback and self-correction through the use of photography in the teaching methods course.

2. “Teaching Practicum” emphasizes practical work and reflection: peer teaching trials, eight weeks of off-campus teaching, teaching video evaluation and self-reflection are arranged.

3. The course integrates teaching practice and organizes teaching observation and discussion on educational issues within the school to help students improve their practical skills.

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